Skin needling is a cosmetic procedure that is used to promote collagen and elastic production.  Also referred to as Dry Tattooing, Intradermabrasion, Dermarolling, or Percutaneous Collagen Induction, the method has been around since the 1990's.  Many have also called the treatment micro-needle therapy or  collagen induction therapy.  The procedure is non-surgical and is minimally invasive.

How is Skin Needling Done?

Skin needling is done by applying skin rollers to the skin that have about 200 surgical steel needles that have been attached to the rollers.  Each needle is super fine and the type of needle used will have various outcomes on the skin. A smaller needle most generally does not leave any trauma on the skin, where a larger needle very well could. Larger needles could break the skin, drawing fluids out of it, which could lead to injury or even infection.  Smaller needles will increase the circulation of the skin, as well as provide a bit of exfoliation to the skin.  This procedure is best left to the professionals to have the greatest impact on the skin.  When done properly, this treatment is one of the safest on the market. It is safe on all skin types, even those with dark or ethnic skin.

 How exactly does skin needling work to create the face that one may have always dreamed about?  A numbing cream will be applied to the skin, unless local anesthetics is used.   As the small needles puncture the skin, a channel is created. The body then produces new collagen to fill these channels.  New capillaries are also formed at this time.  The skin needling device will be rolled over the skin many times to achieve optimal results. Treatments will usually last up to one hour, depending on the area that is being treated, however many treatments can be done in a matter of minutes.

What Conditions Can Skin Needling Treat?

Skin needling treatment can treat many skin conditions.  Wrinkles are a huge concern for many ladies, and with the treatment of skin needling, they  can be greatly reduced.  Acne scars can also fade with the use of skin needling.

What are the Benefits of Skin Needling?

There are many great benefits to have skin needling done on the skin.  With the use of skin needling, such people will see:

  • diminished appearance of wrinkles
  • tighter and firmer skin
  • reduction of pore size
  • Hydrated skin
  • improved skin texture and quality
  • stretch marks and cellulite will diminish
  • Cost effective
  • reduce skin oil level

What are the  Side Effects of Skin Needling?

Skin needling does have a few minor side effects. Skin usually recovers in a rapid fashion after the procedure is complete, but common side effects include

  • a mild acne flare up
  • skin infection
  • swelling of the skin
  • oozing of the skin
  • cold sores
  • Milia

Skin needling can be repeated on the skin, but the number of times the procedure is needed will depend on how severe the skin condition is one wants to treat. Acne scars may only take three to four treatments while other conditions might take 5 treatments.

Skin needling is a wonderful procedure for the skin that has many great benefits. It is a minimal procedure that might require multiply treatments with minimal side effects.  Leaving the skin needling done to someone trained to properly administer the procedure will ensure that one has the most effective treatment.