Botox Sydney

Body image is a serious concern in our society, particularly issues around the concept of aging; from society’s obsession with the impossibly tall, youthful supermodels to the use of Photoshop to attain the insanely high standards of youth and beauty in popular media, men and women alike are turning to cosmetic surgery to help them maintain their youthful looks and defy the aging process.


As society’s attitudes toward aging change, there can also be profoundly negative psychological effects on those who are experiencing the effects of advanced aging on their looks, and as such cosmetic surgery can be a positive step toward increased confidence and self-esteem as we age.

For those who are considering cosmetic procedures to enhance their youthfulness, non-invasive techniques are often the most popular and perhaps the best example of this is Botox, which at over 6 million injections per year around the globe, is by far the most popular cosmetic solution for aging skin.

What is Botox

Some people are disconcerted to find out that Botox is actually derived from one of the most dangerous substances known to mankind; derived from a bacterial toxin called botulin, the substance is safe in monitored doses and is used to treat a variety of conditions, from sweating to involuntary muscle spasms, chronic migraines and of course, cosmetic applications.

When injected into the muscles of the face, Botox goes to work on reducing lines and wrinkles as well as other facial imperfections by causing a temporary paralysis of the facial muscles.

When used in carefully determined doses and at safe frequencies, Botox Treatment is a very safe and highly effective method for helping to minimize the effects of age-and sun-related damage on the skin, restoring the smoothness of youth and helping to enhance one’s natural beauty.

Risks and Special Considerations

When handled incorrectly, Botox Treatment can have serious side effects and issues; however by ensuring that your cosmetic surgeon is qualified to administer Botox injections, you greatly minimize your risk of any issues that may arise.

While there are some common side effects of Botox treatment which are generally not serious, they are rare; from slight headache to bruising or pain at the injection site, these effects normally disappear within a very short period of time.

Serious risks and side effects are even more rare, but they do exist and they can require medical attention; if you experience any unusual effects such as wheezing, hives, blurred vision, numbness, wheezing or any other abnormal physical symptoms as a result of Botox injections, call your surgeon immediately and seek medical attention.

As it is vital to source a highly qualified surgeon to administer your Botox injections, you will be apprised of any potential risks or special considerations before your appointment and any good cosmetic surgeon will take all precautions to avoid possible side effects or complications.

Botox is one of the most effective cosmetic treatments on the market today, and with the help of a skillful cosmetic surgeon, your injections can go a long way toward helping you keep your youthful looks and stave off the effects of aging. More information on Botox Sydney treatments contact Advanced Dermatology